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Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Punch Art

For this project I used the following stampin Up punches:
Hat:  Tab Punch, Brim: Window Punch
Head:  Ornament Punch
Collar:  Scalloped Punch
Body:  2 1/2" Circle Punch
Wings:  Large Scalloped Punch
Feathers:  Pedal Punch
Feet:  Boho Punch
Eyes:  Small Circle, Owl eye
Nose:  5 pedal punch
For the legs I cut 1/2" x 4" paper and ran through the crimper.
Stamp:  Gobble Gobble -AAW Print Works
I glued the Turkey to the front of a mini brown Sac (Hobby Lobby)
I filled with candy and closed with Tulle.  
Thanks for stopping by!
Thanksgiving Blessings!

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